Spark Wave®: The Technological Avantgarde

At MTS Medical, there are no secrets to success. Our devices are perfected through an active global cooperation between researchers, doctors, patients and people that believe in high quality healthcare.

This dynamic cooperation enables us to listen and understand our partners better, creating a sustainable solution that is beneficial for everyone.

Spark Wave Devices and Applicators are uniquely designed according to the indication treatments of each medical discipline.

What are Spark Waves®?

Spark Waves are high-energy acoustic waves (shockwaves) that behave much like other sound waves except that they have much greater pressure and energy. The energy of a Spark Wave is released as pressure on the environment. This pressure wave builds up extremely quickly and consists of a very high positive and a minor negative part.

The shorter the rise time and the lower the tensile pressure, the better the quality of the shockwave. The quality of the shockwave has a great influence on its effectiveness to stimulate the valuable regeneration and healing mechanism at the cellular level. (*)

The nature of Spark Wave allows the modulation of the acoustic fields and also the generation of unfocussed or soft-focussed shockwaves, called SoftWave using specific patented design for the applicators (US Patent US8535249). Unlike other technologies SoftWave provides a wider energy distribution without focussing the waves on a specific spot.

Schematic Pressure Profile of a Focused Shockwave. Characteristic properties: Extremely fast rise of the curve, very high pressure, low negative wave compared to very high peak pressure.

Generating Mechanism of a Spark Wave®

Spark Wave Technology uses electrohydraulic generation principles, where a spark is created by means of a high-energy electrical discharge in water between the opposing tips of an electrode. The spark is generating a plasma bubble. This bubble explodes in all directions, compresses the surrounding water and generates a high peak pressure within only a few nanoseconds.

The advantage of Spark Wave is that they provide shockwave quality not only at the focal point, but throughout the acoustic field propagating from the spark point.

DICOM MATLAB ONSCALE (2021) – Shockwave created by a MTS Applicator

The Medical Technology of Tomorrow: SmarTrode® & PureWave®

The specially developed SmarTrode facilitates the dynamic of Spark Wave energy and enables treatments to be carried out optimally at different energy ranges. It automatically adjusts itself to the set level of output power optimising the Spark Wave energy.

This highly efficient energy made the generation of PureWave possible – a quality standard that ensures the homogeneity of Spark Wave. The pressure amplitude is mainly positive with only minimal negative tensile wave and provides regenerative energy not only in the focal area, but in the entire acoustic field extending from the spark source. This is a key factor that contributes to Spark Wave’s large and versatile therapy focus and its high therapeutic efficacy with very little side effect potential.

(*DIGEST Guidelines 6/2019 recommend less shocks for electro-hydraulic devices)

The functioning mechanism of MTS Applicator. Featured in video: Spark Wave Device orthogold100 with Applicator OE050