A multi-talented and premium quality device for orthopaedics

orthogold100 is an easily applicable and transportable therapy system. It is available with three different applicators and covers a wide spectrum of orthopaedic indications ranging from heel spur to calcific tendinitis.

Indications in orthopaedics:

  •         Impingement syndrome with or without tendinosis calcarean (calcifying tendinitis)
  •         Epicondylitis humeri radialis and ulnaris
  •         Plantar fasciitis & heel spur
  •         Patella tendon syndrome
  •         Pseudarthrosis in small bones (also infected and in the chronic state)
  •         Achillodynia (painful heel syndrome)
  •         Myofascial pain syndrome (treatment of trigger points)

Our orthogold100 is characterised by its pure design, a modern system control via touch screen and high-quality MTS Technology. Furthermore, it requires only a low quantity of Spark Wave pulses per treatment session, as well as a low rate of follow-up treatments, for efficient and satisfying treatment results.

At a glance:

Spark Wave Therapy is a non-invasive, safe and effective therapy system for regenerative medicine that can:

  • Relief pain
  • Improve blood circulation and tissue supply
  • Act anti-inflammatory
  • Prevent disease progression or loss of function
  • Restore function and mobility in musculoskeletal disorders
  • Improve patient´s quality of life

Premium MTS Spark Wave® Technology
User-friendly and patient-convenient

This device is not commercially available in the United States.