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The Biological and Therapeutic Effects of Spark Waves®

In regenerative medicine, the physical energy of Spark Waves is applied to all kinds of tissues at a desired depth and with an adjustable energy flux density (EFD), depending on the respective indication and pathophysiology. With its wide focus size and Pure Wave quality, Spark Wave Technology delivers high amount of total biologically effective energy to the target area.

This physical energy produces mechanical stimulation which is recognised by mechanoreceptors of the cell and transduced into various cellular responses: The expression and release of regeneration-associated molecules, such as growth factors and other signalling molecules (chemokines and cytokines), is activated (Fig. 1). All these factors trigger intracellular signalling cascades which are implicated in processes including metabolic activation, proliferation, migration and recruitment of mesenchymal and haematopoietic progenitor cells, which finally lead to improved angiogenesis, neovascularisation, tissue remodelling and regeneration (Fig. 2).

Additionally, the anti-inflammatory effect of Spark Waves, in combination with various other biological regeneration processes, supports the natural self-healing of the diseased tissue. The efficacy of Spark Wave Therapy has been thoroughly proven in clinical studies and state-of-the-art research has demonstrated its curative effects on dermatological, orthopaedic and urogenital indications.

Figure 1: Mechanotransduction Mechanism – Phases of Spark Wave Therapy. 1. Physical Phase: Shockwaves generate a positive pressure to generate absorption, reflection, scattering and transmission. 2. Chemical Phase: The mechanical stimulus leads to biochemical reaction, biomolecules are released and cell signalling pathways are activated. 3. Biological Phase: Modulation of angiogenesis, alteration of inflammatory response, bone and soft tissue healing.

Figure 2: Biological Function and Regenerative Potential of Stem Cells. Spark Wave Therapy has a highly beneficial effect on most every kind of tissue. Spark Waves promote sustainable regeneration of blood vessels and skin as well as of musculoskeletal and nervous tissues, which has been widely proven by comprehensive research and numerous clinical trials.

Art of Perfection:
The Therapeutic Window of Spark Waves®

Thanks to Spark Wave Technology, energy range of all MTS Applicators excellently perform within the therapeutic range of regeneration. A Jan/2021 publication in the Nature’s “Scientific Reports” recommended the energy range between 0.1 and 0.15 mJ/mm² for optimum angiogenesis which reflectss the evident role of Spark Wave® Technology in regenerative medicine (Fig. 3).

Figure 3: Pölzl, L., Nägele, F., Hirsch, J. et al. Defining a therapeutic range for regeneration of ischemic myocardium via shockwaves. Sci Rep 11, 409 (2021).

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