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Responsive and User-friendly Operation: The adjustable membrane with flexible penetration enables best treatment comfort and optimal treatment quality without the need of additional standoffs.
Electrohydraulic Plasma Shockwave Generation: The cutting-edge technology that guarantees therapeutic regenerative shockwave treatment, based on a high-voltage spark discharge. This creates plasma channel, leading to a lightning-fast generation of the shockwave propagating at supersonic speed.

Characteristics of Spark Wave Applicators

Focused Applicator
OE050 | OE050S

With its significant penetration depth, this applicator offers a versatile and deep-healing solution. Due to this nature, it is recommended as an applicator for orthopaedics and sports medicine.


Recommended for: Orthopaedics, Urology and Veterinary Medicine


Soft Focused Applicator
OE035 | OE035S

The soft focused applicator is designed for treatments of (neuro-) muscular indications, a solution with soft-energy distribution which is suitable for chiropractors.  stem cell activation and cell regeneration.


Recommended for: Orthopaedics and Veterinary Medicine


SoftWave Unfocused Applicator
OP155 | OP155S

The US patented SoftWave applicator if our flagship applicator for blood circulation and angiogenesis, promoting one’s body stem cell activation and cell regeneration.


Recommended for: Dermatology and Urology

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