MTS Spark Wave® Therapy Systems – for a kidney-friendly & effective stone therapy

Initially, the extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) was applied to humans as an alternative, non-invasive therapy of renal stones at the University Clinic Großhadern in Munich, Germany, in 1980. Today, it is the most commonly used treatment method for urolithiasis and is characterized by great therapeutic outcome and low side effects.

MTS lithotripter devices feature inter alia and large treatment foci, in combination with tissue-conserving peak energy. They reach fragmentation rates of > 95 % with a single ESWL session.

The large focus of the system completely encloses the renal calculus and concentrated Spark Wave energy, exerts its effect evenly on the entire stone and disintegrates it into sand grain-sized particles; referred to as “squeezing effect”. The re-treatment rate with lithogold380 has been reduced to < 7 %.

The limited maximum pressure of the therapy system guarantees an especially gentle treatment for the renal tissue and reduces the side effects of anaesthesia to a minimum.